LAZARUS - "Dancing into transcendence" at London's brand new queer club nights

LAZARUS is the brand new queer led club nights showcasing London’s up and coming artists, dj’s, musicians, choreographers and collectives, self proclaimed as a party for "Queers, Creatives and Misfits". It is as underground as it gets, accompanied by lush techno music and stunning performances. And we loved every second of it.

Unkanny documented the launch rave event and caught a glimpse in what has the potential to become a beautiful all inclusive space of performance for London’s queer community.



Following a chatty bus ride to North London, we arrived at GROW Tottenham, where the event took place. Alongside the inauguration of LAZARUS, it was also the celebration for the launch of “HEROIN”, a little electronic gem from singer and multi-instrumentalist Malthus, the founder of the club night along with choreographer and composer Magnus Westwell. The artist has kickstarted LAZARUS with an incredibly emotional sung performance. Drenched in deep red, Malthus performance felt like I was an extra on the set of LIQUID SKY (1982).

The pace of the night took a more romantic turn. A beautiful choreographed interlude took the clubbers’ breath away, silence fell all around us as the dancers — Max and Xavia — took over the middle of the dance floor to a haunting composition by ambient artist Oliver Coates (HONEY - OLIVER COATES

From 1:30 AM, it was pure techno delirium. From DJ Proteus dark beats (which probably fuelled some of the crowd’s MDMA trips to the max), To Leeds’ collective RAT PARTY, whose 90s happy hardcore reminded me of the PARTY MONSTER (2003) Soundtrack if Michael Alig lived in London, Schwefelgelb, and all the music my mum adores.

An incredibly stylish and fun crowd took over the podium for spontaneous dance offs and performances as the rave went on until 5AM. More choreographic madness from RESIDENT DANCERS took the spotlight with intoxicating dance routines. 

We got to talk to some of LAZARUS ravers and snap wholesome photos of their dance floor looks. We discussed the mutual dislike of commercial queer club scene in central London, Fidget Spinners, whether wearing sunglasses at raves is lame or not, and tried to actually hear what we were saying to each other over STOLEN VELOUR’s dance infused set. The clubbing experience at LAZARUS felt very welcoming: it is rare to experience such a comfortableness in the London club scene, which can be highly intimidating. To find such a safe haven to dance, sing, and overall express oneself in a crowd of likeminded individuals is truly important.

As we got the cab home (and after spending a couple hours in the medical room due to my friend and artist for the LAZARUS poster Maciej having had too much Prosecco to drink) we realised we had experienced the TRUE London Underground. The one I thought only my mum managed to live through in the naughties. The one I saw in BETTER LIVING THROUGH CIRCUITRY (1999). But with such a positive and all inclusive attitude that truly - as stated in their Manifesto - unearths the creative potential of queer clubland.


Pics and Text by Lulu Vicedomini